Photo by: Mina Hashemi

Amirhossein Darafsheh (b. 1988), a visual artist from Tehran, began a heartfelt journey into visual storytelling at a young age, weaving through not just visuals but also deeply embedding into the rich stories of social and cultural life. His early work in photography and graphic design grew into a career that mixes powerful artistic expressions with impactful social change.
At the age of 19, from 2007 to 2009, Amirhossein was meticulously selected from among 500 individuals to join a filmmaking workshop conducted by the renowned Abbas Kiarostami. This journey was far more than an educational chapter; it was a transformative voyage under Kiarostami's mentorship that deeply sculpted his artistic abilities and indelibly altered his perception and portrayal of life and art. His fervor for cinema and photography, enriched by his immersive studies with Kiarostami, propelled Amirhossein into a determined venture in the field of videography and photography. Here, he not only garnered accolades but also exhibited an intrinsic skill and passion for the art of moving visuals.
In April 2015, he and his wife co-founded Minamir Studio, not just as a business but as a place for a revival in wedding documentary photography in Iran. Their work shaped memories and stories, crafting not just documentation but also a rich, creative testament to the unique stories woven into every celebration. The studio stopped working in August 2019 as they sought to focus on things more than business.
The creative energy between Amirhossein and his wife blossomed again in September 2018, with the creation of Analog Platform. More than an art space and café in Tehran, it became a sanctuary for young artists, a place where creativity could grow, free and celebrated.
In February 2020, during the global stop caused by the coronavirus pandemic, Amirhossein made a unique direction change. He founded a design studio named "Tahrir Studio", smoothly blending aesthetics, tradition, and modern expression, creating and selling evocative Farsi typography posters during a universally quiet time.
Spring 2022 saw a touching change in Amirhossein’s journey, against the backdrop of the "Woman, Life, Freedom" Movement in Iran and the tragic death of Mahsa Jina Amini. His graphic design skills created more than protest posters – they became strong symbols, amplifying the silenced voices of Iranian women and resonating across global platforms.
Amirhossein's work, breaking through geographical barriers, was showcased in global rallies and protests, shining a light on the struggles and defiance of Iranian women during this era. His designs, notably spotlighted on the billboard of Times Square, New York, became visual synonyms of the movement, emerging as symbolic beacons of resistance and hope across major global cities.
In the midst of all this, Amirhossein, ever a music lover, ventured into experimental music composition under the name Random Noise Project, exploring the Ambient and Post-Rock genres, adding yet another dimension to his varied artistic portfolio.
Today, Amirhossein gently immerses himself in documentary and daily life photography, softly capturing the fleeting stories that flutter through the daily lives of people. His lens, gently moving through transient moments, weaves a visual commentary that is both deeply intimate and universally echoing.